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About Us

About Us

Don Rawson Associates is considered one of the leading emergency management consulting firms in Southern California.


Lessons learned from the recent worldwide pandemic as well as natural and human caused disasters increasingly call for more initiative-taking and informed emergency management leadership. As a result, our staff has developed considerable “best practices” achievable before the crisis develops into a full-scale disaster.


We deliver a novel approach and framework which increases the value of Emergency/Department Operations Center (EOC/DOC) support and underscores the importance of organizational leadership. Based on Incident Command System (ICS) principals, this novel approach uses the concepts of advanced EOC situational awareness, pre-identified individual and collective responsibilities, pre-developed incident objectives and tasks, and virtual activation and operation.


As preplanning is critical to a jurisdiction’s ability to effectively respond to and recover from emergencies, Don Rawson Associates supplies tools for success in these challenging and demanding environments.

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