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Night Shift at Office

Our Services

Don Rawson Associates supplies emergency management professionals a proven problem-solving solution using response support pre-planning practices demonstrated to reduce incident response time and save lives.

EOC/DOC Preparedness

Don Rawson Associates will show you how to achieve situational awareness before a disaster occurs. We will describe the importance of time management ahead of an emergency and explain why the work you do in this area can save lives and improve recovery efforts.


We will help you refine and strengthen position checklists customized to your organization. We will supply a simple and effective way to ensure staff understand both their individual and collective responsibilities.

EOC/DOC Readiness

Don Rawson Associates will show you how to develop and pre-identify incident objectives and relevant tasks for hazards named in your Emergency Operations Plan.

Operating Virtually

Using Microsoft Teams, our staff has developed a process to run an Emergency/Department Operations Center completely remotely, or, if necessary, as a hybrid environment, thus allowing your staff to contribute to your organization’s response operations from any location in real time.


We have successfully assessed, implemented, and used this virtual platform during emergency operations with positive feedback from our clients.

All-Hazard Planning

Don Rawson Associates will review and update all relevant emergency planning documents such as your Emergency Operations Plan and your Continuity of Operations Plan. We will recommend other plans and procedures we have found to be “best practices” for organizational success in preparedness, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery.

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