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Continuity of Operations Plan Update
San Diego Unified Port District, San Diego, CA

Don Rawson Associates Client


Updated the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for the San Diego Unified Port District, which included:


  • The identification of critical essential functions focused on defining the activities necessary to accomplish the District’s mission, serve its stakeholders, and ensure the continuation of operational objectives and tasks.


  • The prioritization of department essential functions by time identifying the maximum tolerable duration between when a disruption occurs and when the function is resumed under emergency conditions.


  • The identification of personnel responsible for each essential function and one alternate to ensure each essential function is performed regardless of any one person’s availability.


  • The identification of essential records, databases, and hardcopy documents needed to support essential functions under the full spectrum of all-hazards emergencies.


  • The identification of which essential functions depend upon external organizations, agencies, or businesses to operate and maintain critical services.


  • The identification of a clear line of succession in the event the District’s leadership becomes debilitated or incapable of performing its legal and authorized duties, roles, and responsibilities.


  • The identification of communications systems to support full connectivity, under all conditions, among key leadership, internal elements, other organizations, critical customers, and the public.


  • The identification of alternate worksite locations as a means of accomplishing the District’s essential functions in the event the primary location is unavailable.

San Diego Unified Port District
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