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Virtual Department Operations Center
North County Fire Protection District, Fallbrook, CA

Don Rawson Associates Client


Incorporated Microsoft Teams into the Department Operations Center (DOC) for the North County Fire Protection District. Now, using Teams, the District can operate their DOC completely remotely, or, if necessary, as a hybrid environment, allowing staff to contribute to the District’s emergency response operations from any location in real time.


Improved activation notification procedures and virtual situational awareness processes designed to shorten response time and expedite emergency field support.


Refined and strengthened position checklists to increase staff’s understanding of both their individual and collective DOC responsibilities.


Created pre-identified incident objectives and relevant tasks covering incident size up, safety review, field responder support, mutual aid considerations, base camp operations, Public Safety Power Shutoff (electrical power loss) events, access and functional needs community support, area hospital and regional Medical Operations Center (MOC) communications, and disaster recovery.

North County Fire Protection District, Fallbrook, CA
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